Today’s Workout 5-2-2013

Phase I – Run the stairs 2x

Phase II – Set timer to 21 Rounds of 40/10

1- LEG RAISE HIP LIFT-begin flat with legs out straight. Lock legs straight and lift legs up then raise hips off the ground and legs straight up towards ceiling, lower legs without touching ground.

2- V ABS-Like a jack knife, but with arms and legs wide

3- STANDING MED BALL ABS-begin with med ball above head, bring left knee up and med ball down at an angle to the left, repeat alternating sides

4- MED BALL BURPEES- balance on ball when down and raise above head once up

5- KICKOUTS-Begin in V position with torso and straight legs off the ground, bend knees in to tuck position and kick legs out, repeat. Keep hands off the ground for added intensity

6- SQUAT SIDE KICK-full squat to standing position, right side kick. Repeat alternating

7- SCISSOR ABS-with legs straight, cross left leg over right, then right over left. Repeat with legs never touching the ground

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