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Checkmate Juijitsu Group Shot

Checkmate Juijitsu Group Shot in New Dojo

Checkmate Juijitsu Group Shot

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Checkmate Kanji Checkmate’s practical and fun-to-learn martial arts system is a dynamic blend of Castoldi’s Jujitsu, Small Circle JuJitsu, Wing Chun Gung Fu, Judo, and ground fighting.

Adults and children will gain self-confidence, agility, fitness and improved hand-eye coordination after only a few classes.

WristlockOngoing courses accommodate students of all levels. Our relaxed and inclusive atmosphere  allows you to develop effective self defense skills, at your own pace, while improving your fitness, flexibility, and strength.

WristlockIf martial arts training resonates with you on a personal level or you are a law enforcement professional looking for the edge on the job, this strategic approach to self defense will give you skills you can use for a lifetime.

For younger martial artists we offer a dynamic Youth Judo Program, designed around an active, engaged learning philosophy which stimulates physical, mental and social skills development.

Sensei Leigh makes a pointWe offer a full range of adult martial arts disciplines. Our cornerstone Juijitsu Self Defense program is suitable for all students: from beginners though marial arts experts and law enforcemnt professionals.

Adult Judo, Brazilian Juijitsu, and Individualized Instruction round out the programs offered at Checkmate Self Defense in Manchester, NH.

Come join us on the mat today!

Checkmate Self Defense
200 ELM ST
Manchester, NH 03101

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