“This place is great!…So glad I found this dojo and plan to train here for as long as possible!!”

“I..have learned more that I thought possible.”                 

“A dojo for the thinking martial artist!”

“I feel so fortunate to have found Checkmate!!

“Checkmate is the best martial arts place around!….Thank you Master Leigh!!”

“Checkmate is the place to be if you want your child to learn discipline, self-defense, and have fun at the same time. Sensei Leigh and Sensei Maria are amazing instructors and the kids adore them! We constantly see incredible progress with all the kids that attend and we’re very proud of their acquired skills! Try it out and you’ll be hooked! We’ve all become a family there! We just love Checkmate Martial Arts!!!”  ~ Alex B.

“My husband joined Checkmate several years ago.  His decision to do that has really changed our whole family.  Martial arts is not my area of expertise, so it’s hard for me to speak to that aspect of this business, but what I see in the people who train here is a close relationship between student dedication and instructor support.  Everyone gets out what they put in, but nobody wants anybody to put in less than their best.  Rank is merit-based, but nobody thinks for a minute that a beginner can’t teach everybody something new.  The people who train here come from all walks of life, reside in all types of bodies, have all different levels of natural ability, and excel at very different things.  These differences are parlayed into strength as a whole group.  The instructors build friendships, teams, and family.  This philosophy sets them apart and keeps satisfied students coming back.

What started with my husband wanting to get back into training has turned into much more.  We are all part of the Checkmate family now.  Our two daughters take Judo, my husband continues with the Jujitsu program, and our young son and I are welcome observers, always encouraged to be a part of what’s going on in every way.   Checkmate is an excellent experience.”  ~ Ashley B>

“My child started attending classes 3 years ago for Judo and I recently started attending the adult classes for Ju Jitsu and Judo, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my child and I. They offer workouts before class 4x a week; the instructors are personable and professional and have become personal friends. The people I train with are respectful, friendly and always willing to help. I can’t wait for my toddler to be able to attend classes with his sibling!!” ~ Daniela D

“AMAZING gym! I have had the good fortune of training here on a few occasions for special events and all I can say is if you live in the Manchester area, this is THE place to train. Instructors are knowledgeable, the school and facility is immaculate, and everyone from the higher belts down are super friendly. If you are looking to add martial arts to your life you ant go wrong with Checkmate! I have been training and competing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo for 14 years and have seen many schools and traveled all around the world training. People in Manchester area are very lucky to have a quality school like this in their back yards!” ~ Dan S.

“I just recently started taking classes here after looking online for quite some time. Not only do they offer a wide range of martial art styles, but each class is suited for people of any skill level! Everyone I talk to there has been going for years!!!!
I can definitely see why. I look forward to each class and find I am more motivated and energetic.
You will not be disappointed!!!” ~ Amanda C

“Checkmate teaches self defense, mostly Jujitsu (small circle), Judo, some kick boxing and mixed martial arts training (separate classes / instructors). I’ve been training there for a few years, lost 50 lbs, and made a big improvement in my life.

It is casual, informal, supportive, geared to the individual. Focus is on self defense that’s reasonable, effective and safe. The head instructor has a 5th degree black belt, and his top student is a 2nd degree black belt, and with Manchester PD and fire arms instructor.” ~ Phil B.

“Incredible! Super skilled instructors, fantastic prices, good vibe! No attitudes, good for kids and adults. Highly recommend checking this place out!! March 06, 2011

“A RARE GEM!!  Real world defensive tactics utilized and proven effective by law enforcement and correctional officers. Check it out for yourself!

 “This place is great!  Primarily teaching small circle jujitsu and judo, the style taught here is really rounded out by the owner / Master’s diverse Martial Arts background. And all is taught from both self defense and sport perspectives so classes really apply to a wide range of students. You have stand up from all ranges, close quarters jujitsu and striking, grappling and ground self defense, weapons defense and retention, multiple attackers and more. The style feels both hard and soft.  One thing that is found here is the attention paid to situational self defense. Defense in real life scenarios such as while in a vehicle or if you have your children with you when attacked.  The rules change under these circumstances and focus on this is often overlooked in many martial arts schools.
So glad I found this dojo and plan to train here for as long as possible!!”
—2011 current student

“I met Master Leigh at the gym before I first joined Checkmate.  I’ve done many other martial arts and Master Leigh is one of the few that maintains his fitness level.  Most of his students are also in very good shape.  Master Leigh is great with people of all ages, from small children to older adults.  He teaches in a clear way, with advice that is directly applicable to real world situations.  He pushes to you limits you did not know you could achieve.  I have greatly enjoyed my time studying under him and have learned more that I thought possible.” —2011 current student

“A dojo for the thinking martial artist! Excellent atmosphere: comfortable, yet respectful. The teachers are some of the best I’ve ever worked with. The self-defense program focuses on what works for each individual. The judo program for kids is one of the best martial arts kids program I’ve seen!” —12/21/2010 current student

“My boys have been going to Checkmate for over 8 years and love it.  The teachers are terrific. The kids are having fun learning self defense in a safe environment.  They are challenged at their level which boosts their confidence and are learning to stay active through exercise.” ~ Rebecca S


“I am very glad that I chose this place!  In just a few months I have learned a lot and am gaining confidence. The instructors are amazing and it is not an intimidating atmosphere. Everyone helps each other out  and you will find genuine people with good hearts. Checkmate is good for everyone – man, woman or child.” ~ Felicia A

“The instructors are amazing. They go above and beyond to make sure attention is given to each and every student personally. The atmosphere is less rigid than other schools and students learn self defense skills while having fun. The school is clean and comfortable, and everyone there has been beyond friendly. I feel so fortunate to have found Checkmate!! Wonderful martial arts school!!!!” –anon online review

“Prices are surprisingly low compared to other places in the area, and they offer high level martial arts training. The place is super legit as is apparent once you realize that many of the students here are very skilled martial artists in their own right and are here to excel to that next level and round out their styles. In addition, the place is not awkward for first timers either, no attitudes, very accommodating. Highly recommended for the experienced martial artist and the newbie too.” –JD 3/30/11


“Checkmate is the best martial arts place around! Everything you want for good prices. Great instructor / student ratio compared to other places, talented instructors with expensive experience, kids get personal attention, excel quickly and you can see the results!  Thank you Master Leigh!!”

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