Big Promotion!

Checkmate Chicks

Our own women's fun run team! There may be a couple of Checkmate Chucks in there as well.

Judo Promotion

2014 Train-a-Thon

Checkmate In Africa

New England Spartan Sprint 2013

Team Checkmate got down and dirty again this year with the 2013 New England Spartan Sprint in Amesbury, MA. Toughing it out were Sensei Leigh, Brian, Katie, Allan, Shane and Jen. Even the little ones got muddy with the kids run! Nice Job Everyone!

BJJ With Dan Caulfield

Another great rolling event filled with good technique from Dan!

Promotions / Professor Castoldi Clinic 2013

Congratulations to Mike Duffy for promotion to Shodan and also to Pat Cassidy for promotion to Ikkyu!

Outdoor Survival 2012

Thanks to Jake and Joe for sharing their expertise during Checkmate Martial Arts\' first Outdoot Survival outing.

New England Spartan Sprint 2012

Team Checkmate come in 37 out of 520 teams competing in the 2012 New England Spartan Sprint!


"Over The Edge" for Special Olympics

Maria goes \"Over The Edge\" for Special Olympics of Massachusetts at the Boston Hyatt Regency


Judo Promotions

Checkmate at Prevail Grand Opening

Members of Checkmate Martial Arts showing our support for Richard\'s new dojo Prevail Martial Arts. Congratulations and best wishes Richard!!

Checkmate Martial Arts firearms training with Steve Gilcreast

Checkmate Martial Arts firearms training with our own Steve Gilcreast at Sig Sauer

Group Rank Test Brown and Blue

Testing for Nikkyu were, Pat Cassidy, Mike Duffy, Jon Cronin, Jose Afonso, Richard Hubbard, Maria Tetley. Testing for Sankyu were Sean Carmack and Eli Glass. Testing for blue was Grayson Rossi

Danny Dring Seminar

Grappling Seminar with Danny Dring 10-14-2011

Derek and Jake Jujitsu Promotion

Derek and Jake are promoted to yellow in Small Circle Jujitsu

Katie C Orange Belt Test

Katie Callahan Received her Jujitsu Orange Belt on 8-3-2011

Chip Arnold Sankyu Brown Belt Test

Chip Arnold Received his Jujitsu Sankyu Rank on 8-1-2011

Jeff F Purple Belt Test

Jeff Fisher jujitsu purple belt test 1-31-2011

Chris D Orange Belt Test

Chris Davis jujitsu Orange belt test on 5-2-2011

Lou D Orange Belt

Lou Dimopoulos earns his jujitsu orange belt from Master Leigh Rossi on 01-24-2011

2011 NH State Judo Championship

NH State Judo Championships on 5-14-2011 at the Connie Bean Center in Portsmouth, NH.

Joe Maguire Shodan Black Belt Test

Joe Maguire Receives his jujitsu Shodan Black Belt from Master Leigh Rossi on 2010-11-20 - Test and Demonstration

Katie C Yellow Belt Test

Katie Calahan earns her Jujitsu yellow belt on 2010-12-13

Eli Blue Belt Test

Eli Glass earns his jujitsu Blue belt on 2010-12-13

Certain Victory Firearms Training

Certain Victory Fireatms Training - 1st Graduating Class - 4-23-2011, SIG Arms Academy. Steve Gilcreast Teaches Basic Firearms Course.

Sempai and Kids Class

Sempai works with the little ones on 2-14-2011

Joe Maguire Shodan Presentation

Joe Maguire Receives his jujitsu Shodan Black Belt from Master Leigh Rossi on 2010-11-20 - Belt Presentaion Ceremony

Chris D & Katie C Judo Yellow Belt Test

Chris Davis & Katie Callahan both test for their Judo Yellow Belts on 02-05-2011

Chris Green Belt Test

Chris Jean earns his jujitsu Green belt on 2010-10-16

Tim Ermatinger Yellow Belt Test

Tim Ermatinger earns his jujitsu yellow belt on 2010-10-14

Phil Braica Orange

Phil Braica\'s Jujitsu Orange belt test on 9-13-2010

Checkmate Holiday Party

Family fun at the Checkmate Martial Arts holiday party on 2011-01-15. Kids had a great time with pads and mats, and adults amused themselves by balancing chocolate chip cookies on thier faces!

Busy Day At Checkmate

Eventful day at Checkmate Martial Arts: Dave Castoldi Seminar, Award certificates for Master Leigh, Sempai Steve and Sensei Nate, Sempai Steve promoted to 2nd degree black belt (nidan) and Maria promoted to sankyu Brown Belt!

Jeff Orange Belt

Jeff\'s Orange Belt Test 8-16-2010

Maria Blue Prep

Maria Practice for Blue Belt 8-16-2010


Photos from Joe Mcguire\'s Ikkyu jujitsu test 7-12-2010

Five Brown Belts In Action 2

Action shots from the big brown belt test of 2010 (8-7-2010). Brian, Richard, Jon, Mike and Jose all tested for sankyu that Saturday morning.

Five Brown Belts in Action

Action shots from the big brown belt test of 2010 (8-7-2010). Brian, Richard, Jon, Mike and Jose all tested for sankyu that Saturday morning.


Pat Jujitsu Brown

Pat\'s Jujitsu Brown Belt Test, (Sankyu), 6-21-2010

Sean Carmack Blue

Sean Carmack\'s Jujitsu Blue Belt Test 2-22-2010

Noelle and Marko Promotion

Junior Judo Promotions, Marko received Green, Noelle Yellow

Wildcat Shiai

A few shots from the 2010 Wildcat Judo Shia

Maria Ohana Award


Amber\'s Yellow Belt Test - 4/15/2010

Jake Purple Belt Test

Jakes jujitsu purple belt test, Nov 23, 2009

Nate B Shodan Test

Hands of Jujitsu

Group Pictures

Youth Judo

Judoka in Flight

Preparing New Dojo

Fitting out the new dojo space. 16 days before the first class the door had not been installed. Checkmate Dojo members to help a very stressed Sensei Leigh.

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