Today’s Workout 10-9-2012

Set timer to 24 rounds of 30/10

1-TOUCH DOWN JUMPS-Begin in wide full squat touching the ground, jump up bringing feet together and arms straight up, then back down into wide squat beginning position touching the ground
2-HIP DIPS RIGHT- begin in a firm side right side plank position, dip and raise right hip. Hang in there!
3-HIP DIPS LEFT- begin in a firm side left side plank position, dip and raise left hip. Hang in there!
4-MED BALL BURPEES- balance on ball when in plank and raise above head once up
5-SCORPION PUSHUPS- pushups with one leg raised high in an arc, alternate sides
6-PLYO SPLIT SQUATS- Jumping full squats with a bladed stance, alternating sides
7-TIRE JUMP- begin in squat position and jump to tire in squat position. Plyo
8-SANDBAG CURL-select appropriate weight but push it

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