Today’s Workout 9-17-2012

Set timer to 12 rounds of 50/10

1-FAST FEET-From slightly bent over squat position, step from left foot to right foot as fast as possible. Make sure to look forward to maintain posture. 90% output

2-PLANK JACK PUSHUPS-Begin in plank position, as you lower torso, hop feet out, then hop feet back to plank position as you pushup

3-LATERAL CROSS LUNGES-Pushing sideways off of left foot, lunge with right leg, touching ground with left hand, Left leg dips behind right leg. Alternate from side to side

4-SANDBAG CURL-Select appropriate weight but push it

5-SINGLE LEG HOP SQUAT-Hop on left leg twice to the right, squat, up to right leg, hop twice to left, squat. repeat

6-SUPER PUSHUPS-Upon each pushup, raise one opposite arm and leg, return to pushup, repeat alternating.

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