Weekend Workout 5-18-2012

Workout 1 – 300 Rep Challenge

Pullups – 25 reps
Sandbag Curls- 50 reps
Pushups – 50 reps
Squat Jumps – 50 reps
V-Ups – 50 reps
Sandbag Press – 50 reps
Pullups – 25 reps

Workout 2 – Set timer to 12 rounds of 50/10

1-TUCK JUMPS-Jump high tucking feet up. 90% output

2-MED BALL HAND TO FEET EXCHANGE-Begin lying with legs straight out, holding medicine ball above your head, sit up and secure med ball between feet, return to flat, raise legs and take med ball with hands. Repeat exchanging med ball from hands to feet.

3-SQUAT JUMPS- Make sure to squat fully. add med ball or sandbag for additional intensity

4-DIVE BOMBER PUSHUPS- Begin in a pike or downward dog position, dip your head down toward the mat and forward ending in a low arch facing the ceiling. Reverse back to downward dog position. Maintain body control throughout.

5-DIAGONAL KNEES LEFT-balanced on right leg with arms above head to the right, bring left knee up while crunching abs and arms down to meet knee. Repeat at high intensity

6-DIAMOND PUSHUPS- Form a diamond with your thumbs and index fingers meeting. Diamond should be center chest for the pushups

7-DIAGONAL KNEES RIGHT-balanced on left leg with arms above head to the left, bring right knee up while crunching abs and arms down to meet knee. Repeat at high intensity


9-BROAD JUMP / 2 BACK – Good squat position, big jump forward, 2 small jumps back

10-SLIDING PUSHUP- Begin with hands wide and fingers angled out. Pushup down to the right then down to the left creating a “sliding pushup” action from left to right

11-PLYO LUNGE/ JUMP BACK- Push off of left foot into a single leg lunge on your right leg. Push off of your right leg back to starting position. Repeat alternating legs

12-MED BALL ABS TOSS- When coming up into situp, toss med ball up and catch.

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