Weekend Workout 3-30-2012

As Friday and Sunday are active rest days and not everyone can make it to Saturday am classes, I am listing a workout to be done when you have time over the weekend. Enjoy the arm pain!

Set timer to 12 rounds of 50 / 10

1) 2 x Push Ups, Sandbag Clean & Two Squat Jumps

2) Ninja Jump (begin kneeling and pop up to squat position) / Sandbag Press up & Lunge back (alternating legs)

3) Shoulder Lift (lift sandbag to shoulder) & Squat / Two Push-Ups & Tuck Jump – Alternate between Shoulders

4) 10 Mountain Climbers & 10 High Knees

5) Push-up & Upright Row with sandbag

6) Push-Up & Knee Touch (oblique)

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