Today’s Workout 9-4-2013

PHASE I – Stairs 2x

PHASE II – Set timer to 21 rounds of 40/10

1) DYNAMIC LATERAL LUNGES-Step left leg out to the left with right leg beneath you in lunge position, touch the ground with left hand. Bring left leg in to lunge position beneath you while stepping right leg out touching the ground with right hand. The lunge is in the center. Switch legs keeping cardio output up- 90%

2) REPTILE PUSHUP- Like a regular pushup only bringing right knee to right elbow while moving into the down position. As you come up, bring leg down and back into plank position. alternate sides

3) LATERAL TUCK JUMPS OVER SANDBAG- Tucking legs up high, jump from side to side over your sandbag. 90% output

4) SANDBAG CURL-Bicep curls with the sandbag while maintaining good posture.

5) HIGH KNEES- Can be done with or without a jump rope. This is a cardio one, so make sure you are working at 90% output

6) MED BALL MASON TWIST- Begin in a V position, twist torso touching the ground on each side with your medicine ball (or sandbag for additional intensity). Beginners can leave feet on the ground. As long as torso is leaning back in a V position, you will still get core benefits.

7) DIVEBOMBERS- Begin in a pike or downward dog position, dip your head down toward the mat and forward ending in a low arch facing the ceiling. Reverse back to downward dog position. Maintain body control throughout

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