Today’s Workout 8-22-2013

Phase I – Set timer to 6 rounds of 50/10

1-Rear lunge / kick / toe touch- Lunge with right leg, touch ground with right hand, kick right leg straight out and touch right toe with left hand. Repeat alternating.
2-Opposite star abs- Begin lying flat with arms and legs in star position, explode up touching opposite hand to toe. Repeat alternating sides.
3-Sandbag Lowjacks- Holding sandbag, jumping jacks in low squat position. STAY SQUATTED!

Phase II – Set timer to 3 rounds of 2 minutes work / 10 seconds rest

1-Sandbag Squat and Press
2-Assorted Pushups
3-Around-the-world Squat

Phase III – Stairs

5 flights 2x

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