Today’s Workout 8-12-2013

Phase I – Stairs 2 x up and down

Phase II – Set timer to 21 Rounds of 40/10

1-SANDBAG GETUPS-begin holding a sandbag in a seated position on the ground, get ups!  Alternate sides and make sure not to rock to use momentum.  Make sure you are begin static each time.
2-HALF BURPEES-Pushup, pop up to squat position. Repeat
3-SANDBAG CURLAND PRESS- Select appropriate weight but push it
4-SANDBAG TWIST SITUPS-Begin holding sandbag or appropriate weight. Twist torso left and right at the top of each situp.
5-HIP SWITCH PUSHUP-Begin in plank, switch hips so that your right leg is under and cross body.  Pushup. Plyo switch hips, pushup. Repeat alternating
6- TRICEP RAISE-begin with appropriate weight held with both hands up and behind your shoulders, raise weight straight up keeping elbows in with focus on triceps
7- FEET UP TOE TOUCH-Laying flat, press legs straight up.  Reach up to touch toes, keeping legs straight and feet up throughout

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