Today’s Workout 4-23-2013

Set timer to 21 rounds of 50/10

1) LATERAL PLYO LUNGE- Pushing off each foot hard from left to right (like skating) 90%

2) MED BALL TOSS UP- Sit ups with med ball toss up at the top. Keep feet off the ground for added intensity.

3) 4 POINT LUNGE-begin square, turn to face right, lunge forward with right leg. Keeping right knee bent, turn to square with good stretch on inside of left leg. Repeat alternating

4) SITOUTS-Begin with hands on the ground in front of you, lift left hand and slide right leg under you so that your right hip nearly meets the ground. Reverse and repeat alternating sides

5) TRICEP RAISE-begin with appropriate weight held with both hands up and behind your shoulders, raise weight straight up keeping elbows in with focus on triceps

6) SURFER POPUPS- Drop into plank, pop up bladed into a surfer stance, repeat alternating sides

7) CHEST PRESS-begin or slightly inclined and use sandbag or med ball for weight

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