Today’s Workout 2-18-2013

Rep Challenge!

1. 50 RAPID PLYO PUSHUPS-try to come off the ground with both hands.  If unable to do this, at least make sure you are keeping good form and speed.

2. 50 TRICEP DIPS-use tire or chair

3. 100 TIRE STEP UPS-step up on the tire making lead leg do the work. 50 per leg.  Hold sandbag for added intensity.

4. 50 SQUAT SIDEKICK-full squat to standing position, right side kick, repeat alternating

5. 50 MED BALL TOSS UP- Sit ups with med ball toss up at the top. Keep feet off the ground for added intensity.

6. 100 SANDBAG SWING- Push hips fully forward with each swing.

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