Weekend Workout 12/14/12

Complete this one tow times this weekend!

Set timer to 24 rounds of 30/10


2-THREAD THE NEEDLE PUSHUPS- start in a strong crab position, thread right foot under body, while bringing left hand to ground (flip over into a one leg plank), do one raised leg pushup, repeat in reverse

3-MED BALL TOSS UP- Sit ups with med ball toss up at the top. Keep feet off the ground for added intensity.

4-TUCK JUMPS- Jump high, tucking legs up

5-MED BALL MASON TWIST-begin in a reclined V positon holding med ball. Twisting torso, touch the ground with med ball on each side. Keep feet off the ground for added intesntity

6-BRONCOS- hands on ground, kick feet high from side to side over sandbag. Cardio-as many reps as possible

7-SANDBAG CURL-select appropriate weight but push it

8-PLYO V / SITUP JAB CROSS- begin in a flat star position, do one plyometric V then return to flat star position then perform a situp with a jab, cross at the top. Repeat. 90% output

Finish up with 10 laps

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