Today’s Workout 8-28-2012

Set timer to 12 rounds of 50/10

1-TUCK ABS-begin in tuck position, spread out to wide V position, back to tuck. Body off the floor the whole time

2-CROSS JACKS-like jumping jacks only legs cross over each other. Hold sandbag for added intensity

3-2 SIDE LUNGES/ 1 CLEAN AND PRESSS-with sandbag

4-TOUCH DOWN JUMPS-Begin in wide full squat touching the ground, jump up bringing feet together and arms straight up, then back down into wide squat beginning position touching the ground

5-PLYO V / SITUP JAB CROSS- begin in a flat star position, do one plyometric V then return to flat star position then perform a situp with a jab, cross at the top. Repeat. 90% output

6-CHEST PRESS-begin flat or slightly inclined and use sandbag or med ball for weight

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