Today’s Workout 6-11-2012

Set timer to 12 rounds of 50/10

 1-DEAD MAN BURPEE / REVERSE CRUNCH- burpee with complete stop at the bottom and reverse crunch contracting back muscles raising arms and legs off the ground (skydive position)

2-SANDBAG LUNGE BACK / LATERAL LEG RAISE- holding sandbag, one lunge back, one lateral leg raise, repeat alternating.

3-OVERHEAD MED BALL SITUPS- situps with med ball overhead (sandbag for addl intensity)

4-SANDBAG LOWJACKS- like jumping jacks holding sandbag, staying LOW in half squat postion

5-LIZARD PUSHUPS- pushups, raising knee to elbow, alternating

6-AROUND THE WORLD / SQUAT- begin with sandbag behind shoulders, rotate sandbag to the right and back to shoulder position, squat, repeat on the left side, squat, repeat alternating

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