Weekend Workout 6-8-2012

Phase 1 warm up
SLALOM STAIRS- side to side hops up the stairs one time
Phase 2- Set timer to 30/10 18 rounds
1-LUNGE TOE TOUCH-lunge back with left foot, touch ground with left hand, kick left foot up touch left toe with right hand (opposite hand), alternate sides
2-PLYO STARS- begin in tuck position and explode into star
3-SCORPION PUSHUPS- pushups with one leg raised high in an arc, alternate sides
5-DOWNWARD BAND PULL – begin with band over pull up bar, holding each end, pull down, drop down or add another band for additional intensity
6-ELEVATED PLANK KNEE TUCK ROTATIONS- begin in plank position with feet elevated on tire or chair, bring knee to chest, knee out to the side then return to tire, repeat alternating 

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