Today’s Workout 5-28-2012

Set your timer to 18 rounds of 50/10, 24 for those of you who want a full 12 minutes of work time

1) TIRE JUMPS- this is a plyometric jump directly from squat position to tire, or chair. 90% output

2) 10 MTN CLIMBERS/ 2 PUSHUPS-begin in plank, do 10 mountain climbers, then 2 pushups, repeat. 90% output

3) 5 JUMPING SQUATS/2 TUCK JUMPS-begin in deep squat position, do 5 plyo squats followed by 2 tuck jumps, jumping high and tucking legs up. Repeat. 90% output

4) SANDBAG SHOULDER SWING- Select a challenging weight while still in your range. Swing sandbag from between legs to straight out in front with arms straight throughout.

5) SPLIT LUNGES-begin in a right lunge position and switch with a plyo jump directly into left side lunge, repeat alternating

6) PLYO V / SITUP JAB CROSS- begin in a flat star position, do one plyometric V then return to flat star position then perform a situp with a jab, cross at the top. Repeat. 90% output

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