Today’s Workout 5-25-2012

Set timer to 12 rounds of 50/10. The drills will be completed back to back in sets of 2

STANDING MED BALL ABS-begin with med ball above head, bring left knee up and med ball down at an angle to the left, repeat alternating sides
PLANK CROSSBODY KNEES- Begin in plank position, bring left knee under body toward right elbow then back to plank, repeat alternating (like mtn climbers but cross body)
Repeat 2x

AROUND THE WORLD SQUAT- begin with sandbag behind shoulders, squat, swing sandbag to the right and around in front of body to the left returning it to behind shoulder position, squat, repeat alternating
ONE LEG BURPEES-alternating
Repeat 2x

UPRIGHT ROW-bring sandbag up to chest height while keeping an upright posture
COMMANDO PUSHUPS-pushup, log roll, pushup, log roll back, pushup
Repeat 2x

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