todays workout 3-24-12

REP CHALLENGE: record your time

  1. Jump up (box or tire) – squat & press sandbag – reptile push up  off tire combo- 50 reps
  2. Plank jump in and out each side on med ball / Med ball twist- 50 reps twist
  • Jump out then in to left side, stand up rise the med bal over left shoulder. then repeat on the other side

      3.  Side lunge Press- right side with sandbag 50 Rep

  • Press sand bag as you lung to the side

      4.   Side lunge Press- left side with sandbag 50 Reps

  • Press sand bag as you lung to the side

      5.  Narrow grip dive bombers (switch to wide grip when you burn out or do them from your knees) 50 reps

     6.  Bucking bronco over sandbag rep 50 reps

  • Straddle the sandbag in high plank kick heals to butt as you  hope from one side to the other

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