Today’s Workout 1-11-2012

12 rounds or 50/10 and repeat the following 6 exercises twice through.
• 1.Box Jump + 1/2 Burpee (Alternating sides)
o ½ burpee- jump forward – jump left- jump back- ½ burpee -then reverse
• 2. Lunge & Swing using sand bag, alternating sides
• 3. 3 point jumps + R & L Knee to Elbow using the med ball.
o Supporting yourself on the ball, hop forward left, right then knee to elbow and repeat
• 4. Side Lunge using the med ball
o Hold med ball over head, lunge to each side and touch the ground in front of you with the ball during each lunge
• 5. V- Set up
• 6. Walking Pike Push-up
o Start in push up and walk hand over hand to pike and then back down.

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