Today’s Workout 12-26-2013

Set timer to 20 rounds of 40/10

1- SQUAT JUMPS- Make sure to squat fully. add med ball or sandbag for additional intensity
2- THREAD THE NEEDLE PUSHUPS- start in a strong crab position, thread right foot under body, while bringing left hand to ground (flip over into a one leg plank), do one raised leg pushup, repeat in reverse
3- LEG RAISE HIP LIFT-begin flat with legs out straight. Lock legs straight and lift legs up then raise hips off the ground and legs straight up towards ceiling, lower legs without touching ground. Repeat
4- SQUAT TOUCH JUMP-Begin in wide full squat touching the ground, jump up bringing feet together and arms straight up, then back down into wide squat beginning position touching the ground
5- OBLIQUE KICKOUT-Begin flat with hands behind head, twist torso bringing right knee to left elbow, kick legs straight out without touching ground, repeat alternating

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