Stations!! Sore=Satisfied!!! Set timer to 20 rounds of 50/15

1- Jump Rope (back wall)
2- Pushups (back wall)
3- Jumping Squats (back wall)
4- Abs (back wall)
4- Wall Ball (back wall)
6- Sprint (middle lane)
7- Sandbag Squats (mat 2)
8- Med Ball Abs (mat 2)
9- Jump Rope (mat 2)
10- Heavy Bag Elbows (bag area)
11-Heavy Bag Kicks (bag area)
12-Heavy Bag Punch (bag area)
13-Pull Ups (pull up station)
14-Cargo Net
15-Tire Jump
16-Kettle Bell Row (weight area)
17-Sandbag Around the World (weight area)
18-Bench or Chest Press (weight area)
19-Tricep Extensions (weight area)
20-Ground and Pound (cage)

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