Today’s Workout 7-11-2013

Set timer to 24 rounds of 40/10
1-DEAD MAN BURPEE / REVERSE CRUNCH- burpee with complete stop at the bottom and reverse
crunch contracting back muscles raising arms and legs off the ground (skydive
2- 2 MED BALL MASON TWISTS/ 2 MED BALL KICKOUTS-alternate 2 and 2 for full time
3-FLUTTER KICKS-keep it going, feet do not touch ground
4-BRONCOS- hands on ground, kick feet high from side to side over sandbag. Cardio-as many
reps as possible
5-MED BALL LEG RAISES – Leg raises while supporting a medicine ball between feet.
Controlled motion throughout
6-SUPER PUSHUPS- Upon each pushup, raise one opposite arm and leg, return to pushup,
repeat alternating

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