Today’s Workout 5-22-2013

Phase 1 set your timer 50 /10 for 12 rounds

1. REAR LUNGE / HIGH KICK- Lunge to the rear, touch the ground in front of your lead foot. When you raise back up swing your leg in front of you and touch your foot with the opposite hand. Repeat alternating

2. COMMANDO PUSHUP / REVERSE CRUNCH-Push up, roll left, reverse crunch, repeat

3. MEDICINE BALL CHOP- Place ball at on the outside of your left foot, squat twist to pick up the ball, raise the ball overhead with arms straight, lower on the opposite side.

4. REVERSE CRUNCH BURPEES-Burpee with strong back contraction at the bottom.

Phase 2 Complete the following 3 exercise for 2 min each

1. Pushups / 21- Your choice of pushups, 3 different types 7 reps each.
2. Squats / 21- Your choice of squats, 3 different types 7 reps each
3. Abs /21- Your choice of abs work, 3 different types 7 reps each

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