Today’s Workout 5-8-2013

Phase I – 10 laps warm up

Phase II – Set timer to 18 rounds of 50/10. The drills will be completed back to back in sets of 3

1-STANDING SANDBAG OBLIQUES-begin holding sandbag, alternate bringing knees up to the side focusing on crunching obliques
2-GRASSHOPPERS-like mountain climbers but exaggerated with knee up next to your shoulder and foot at shoulder line
Repeat 3x

1-AROUND THE WORLD SQUAT- begin with sandbag behind shoulders, squat, swing sandbag to the right and around in front of body to the left returning it to behind shoulder position, squat, repeat alternating
2-ONE LEG BURPEES-alternating
Repeat 3x

1-UPRIGHT ROW-bring sandbag up to chest height while keeping an upright posture
2-PUSHUP/COMMANDO ROLL/REV CRUNCH-pushup, log roll, back contraction, repeat
Repeat 3x

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