Today’s Workout 5-7-2013

All Bodyweight!  Set timer to 18 rounds of 45/10


2- BROAD JUMP / 2 BACK – Good squat position, big jump forward, 2 small jumps back

3- PLYO STAR JUMPS- begin in tuck position and explode into star

4- PRISONER GETUPS-from a seated position on the ground, clasp hands behind head and get up, alternating sides

5- RAPID PLYO PUSHUPS- try to come off the ground with both hands. If unable to do this, at least make sure you are keeping good speed. As many reps as possible

6- STAR ABS–begin laying flat with arms and legs in star position, explode up touching hands to feet.

7- DEAD MAN BURPEE / REVERSE CRUNCH- burpee with complete stop at the bottom and reverse crunch contracting back muscles raising arms and legs off the ground (skydive position)

8- KICKOUTS-Begin in V position with torso and straight legs off the ground, bend knees in to tuck position and kick legs out, repeat. Keep hands off the ground for added intensity

9- LOWJACKS- like jumping jacks but staying LOW in half squat postion. Feel the burn!

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