Today’s Workout 4-11-2013

Set timer to 20 rounds of 50/10

1-SQUAT TOUCH JUMP-Begin in wide full squat touching the ground, jump up bringing feet together and arms straight up, then back down into wide squat beginning position touching the ground
2-DYNAMIC LOW HALF SQUATS – Begin with feet roughly shoulder width apart. Perform rapid low half-squats keeping knees bent throughout. Maintain squat position throughout.
3-SLIDING PUSHUP- Begin with hands wide and fingers angled out. Pushup down to the right then down to the left creating a “sliding pushup” action from left to right
4-CHEST PRESS-begin or slightly inclined and use sandbag or med ball for weight
5-THREE POINT SANDBAG CURL-select appropriate weight but push it. Half way up, all the way up, half way down, repeat
6-TRICEP RAISE-begin with appropriate weight held with both hands up and behind your shoulders, raise weight straight up keeping elbows in with focus on triceps
7-STANDING PRESS-Use sandbag of appropriate weight and press straight up
8-SANDBAG SQUAT AND PRESS-select appropriate weight but push it
9-V ABS-Like a jack knife, but with arms and legs wide
10-TUCK ABS-begin in tuck position, spread out to wide V position, back to tuck. Body off the floor the whole time

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