Today’s Workout 2-13-2013

Phase 1-   Set timer to 21 rounds of 40/10 (sand bag needed)

 1- SQUAT TOUCH JUMP-Begin in wide full squat touching the ground, jump up bringing feet together and arms straight up, then back down into wide squat beginning position touching the ground

2- 3 POINT SANDBAG CURL-select appropriate weight but push it

3- BROAD JUMP / 2 BACK – Good squat position, big jump forward, 2 small jumps back

4- SANDBAG SQUAT PRESS- Select an appropriate weight. Keeping good form, squat with sandbag then press sandbag up.

5-CHEST PRESS-begin or slightly inclined and use sandbag or med ball for weight


7- SANDBAG SUMO SQUATS– Begin in a wide squat stance while holding sandbag, raise left leg and knee high then return to full wide squat position. Alternate sides, maintaining bent knees and squat position throughout.

Phase 2-  50/10 4 rounds  (body weight only)

 HIP DIPS RIGHT- begin in a firm side right side plank position, dip and raise right hip. Hang in there!

SCISSOR ABS-with legs straight, cross left leg over right, then right over left. Repeat with legs never touching the ground

HIP DIPS LEFT- begin in a firm side left side plank position, dip and raise left hip. Hang in there!

PLANK CROSSBODY KNEES- Begin in plank position, bring left knee under body toward right elbow then back to plank, repeat alternating (like mtn climbers but cross body)

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