Today’s Workout 2-7-2013

Set timer to 24 rounds of 40/10

1- JUMP ROPE-or bounce shifting weigh from foot to foot (low intensity)

2- PLYO STARS- begin in tuck position and explode into star (high intensity 90%)

3- DIAMOND PUSHUPS- Form a diamond with your thumbs and index fingers meeting. Diamond should be center chest for the pushups

4- GRASSHOPPERS-like mountain climbers but exaggerated with knee up next to your shoulder and foot at shoulder line.

5- FEET UP / FEET OUT-Laying flat, press legs out approx 6″ off the ground, then bend knees in and press feet up towards ceiling raising hips, then back out horizontally, repeat. Feet never touch the ground

6- DIVE BOMBER PUSHUPS- Begin in a pike or downward dog position, dip your head down toward the mat and forward ending in a low arch facing the ceiling. Reverse back to downward dog position. Maintain body control throughout

7- SQUAT -TOUCH -JUMP-Begin in wide full squat touching the ground, jump up bringing feet together and arms straight up, then back down into wide squat beginning position touching the ground

8- CRAB TOE TOUCH- begin in crab position and raise left leg, touch left foot with right hand, repeat alternating. Don’t fall over!

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