Today’s Workout 9-26-2012

Set timer to 18 rounds of 30/10
1-HIGH KNEES-cardio..hopping from one foot to the next. Bring those knees high. 90% output
2-SANDBAG SQUAT-select appropriate weight but push it
3-DYNAMIC LOW HALF SQUATS – Begin with feet roughly shoulder width apart. Perform rapid low half-squats keeping knees bent throughout. Maintain squat position throughout.
4-SLIDING PUSHUP- Begin with hands wide and fingers angled out. Pushup down to the right then down to the left creating a “sliding pushup” action from left to right
5-REVERSE PULL UPS / BENT OVER ROW- Begin in bent over position and raise sandbag to chest. Maintain good posture throughout.
6-CHEST PRESS-begin or slightly inclined and use sandbag or med ball for weight

Abs: Set timer to 3 rounds of 50/10
1-FLUTTER KICKS-keep it going, feet do not touch ground
2-PLYO V / SITUP JAB CROSS- begin in a flat star position, do one plyometric V then return to flat star position then perform a situp with a jab, cross at the top. Repeat. 90% output
3-MED BALL MASON TWIST-begin in a reclined V positon holding med ball. Twisting torso, touch the ground with med ball on each side. Keep feet off the ground for added intesntity

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