Today’s Workout 9-24-2012

Set timer to 18 rounds of 30/10

1-ROUND KICK-STRETCH TO REAR LUNGE-Outside round kick-stretch into rear lunge. Alternate sides

2-BRONCOS- hands on ground, kick feet high from side to side over sandbag. Cardio-as many reps as possible

3-SANDBAG CLEAN SQUAT PRESS- Select an appropriate weight. Keeping good form, clean the sandbag, squat with sandbag then press sandbag up.

4-PLYO STARS- begin in tuck position and explode into star

5-OPPOSITE ANKLE TOUCH PUSHUP-After pushup, touch left ankle with right hand, repeat alternating.

6-MEDICINE BALL KICKOUT-Begin in a reclined V position holding med ball up, bring knees to chest and kick straight out, feet don’t touch the ground.

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