Today’s Workout 8-16-2012

Set timer to 14 rounds of 45/10. You will complete the following 2 x through

1-PLYO STARS- begin in tuck position and explode into star

2-DYNAMIC LOW HALF SQUATS – Begin with feet roughly shoulder width apart. Perform rapid low half-squats keeping knees bent throughout. Maintain squat position throughout.

3-FEET UP / FEET OUT-Laying flat, press legs out approx 6″ off the ground, then bend knees in and press feet up towards ceiling raising hips, then back out horizontally, repeat. Feet never touch the ground

4-RAPID PLYO PUSHUPS- try to come off the ground with both hands. If unable to do this, at least make sure you are keeping good speed. As many reps as possible

5-MED BALL MASON TWIST-begin in a reclined V positon holding med ball. Twisting torso, touch the ground with med ball on each side. Keep feet off the ground for added intesntity

6-MED BALL / SANDBAG GETUPS-from a seated position on the ground, get up, alternating sides while holding sandbag or med ball

7-BROAD JUMP / 2 BACK – Good squat position, big jump forward, 2 small jumps back

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