Weekend Workout 7-20-2012

Set timer to 50/10 for 12 rounds

1-SANDBAG OVERHEAD LUNGE-keep good form and balance while lunging with sandbag overhead

2-MED BALL MASON TWIST-begin in a reclined V positon holding med ball. Twisting torso, touch the ground with med ball on each side. Keep feet off the ground for added intesntity

3-SUMO DEAD LIFT-begin in sumo squat position (wide stance) with sandbag or weight on the ground, as you stand, bring sandbag up chest height, return to ground with sumo squat

4-LATERAL PLYO LUNGE- Pushing off each foot hard from left to right (like skating) 90%

5-GRASSHOPPERS-like mountain climbers but exaggerated with knee up next to your shoulder and foot at shoulder height

6-DIVE BOMBER PUSHUPS- Begin in a pike or downward dog position, dip your head down toward the mat and forward ending in a low arch facing the ceiling. Reverse back to downward dog position. Maintain body control throughout.

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