Today’s Workout 6-28-2012

Set timer to 30/10 18 rounds

1) DIVEBOMBER PUSHUPS-Begin in a pike or downward dog position, dip your head down toward the mat and forward ending in a low arch facing the ceiling. Reverse back to downward dog position. Maintain body control throughout.

2) BRIDGE SINGLE LEG RAISE RIGHT-Begin in bridge position with hips up during right leg raises

3) DYNAMIC LOW HALF SQUATS – Begin with feet roughly shoulder width apart. Perform rapid low half-squats keeping knees bent throughout. Maintain squat position throughout.

4) BRIDGE SINGLE LEG RAISE LEFT-Begin in bridge position with hips up during left leg raises

5) SUMO SQUATS WITH SANDBAG – Begin in a wide squat stance while holding sandbag, raise left leg and knee high then return to full wide squat position. Alternate sides, maintaining bent knees and squat position throughout.

6) V ABS-Like a jack knife, but with arms and legs wide. Plyo!


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