Today’s Workout 4-10-2012

Set timer to 32 rounds of 30/10–16 mins total!

1. Squats and Press – Hold sandbag by shoulders with a palms forward grip – When you are ascending from a deep squat, use the momentum and fluidly press sandbag up overhead.

2. Bent over sandbag row -Bend over at the hips, arch the back to create a tight lumbar curve and drive the elbows up to the ceiling in an upward arching motion behind you.

3. Alternating Step Ups – Alternate your legs and place your foot smack in the middle of the chair / tire and be sure to allow the working leg (the one stepping up) to do all the work

4. Chest Press – Retract your scapula tight to help keep emphasis on pecs (can use a floor heavy bag for incline to modify)

5. Reverse Lunges – Maintain an upright posture and watch your balance – Let the working leg do the work and avoid allowing the push-off from the leg that is only supposed to stabilize

6. Lateral Raises using dumbbells or bungees– Take it slow – many people like to use too much momentum with this one – Allow the medial deltoids to lift and lower the weight.

7. Forward Sandbag Lunges – Step out and far enough to avoid the knees going beyond your toes – roll from heel to toe and like the reverse lunges, only allow the lunging leg to do the work and the back leg to stabilize

8. Bent Over Rear Deltoid Raises using dumbbells or bungees- Just like the bent row, bend over at the hips, arch the back to create a tight lumbar curve – Now, keep the arms straight and drive the arms straight out to the sides of your body, focus on stimulation of the rear deltoids. Keep the tempo slow and controlled

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