Today’s Workout 2-13-2012

Part 1
Complete 4 Sets of the following exercises

1) Squats 15 reps – using the Sandbag
2) Plank Knee Tucks 15 reps (Alternating Left & right Knee – 30 in Total)
• Plank position with hands on the ground and feet on raised on a chair, alternate bring knees to your chest

3) Shoulder Press 15 reps Sandbag
4) Bent over Row 15 reps – Sandbag

Part 2
Set your interval timer to 50/10 and complete 8 rounds of The following exercise:

High Knees using the Skipping Rope
• (Modification for the High knees Skipping are High Knees, Prisoner Squat Jumps, Jog/run On Spot, Box Step Ups, Switch Lunges, Burpees, Squat Jumps)

Bonus round!
Part 3
Complete 4 Sets of the below

1) Squats 15 reps –Sandbag
2) Push Ups 15 reps
3) Reverse standing curls -Sandbag

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