Today’s Workout 2-9-2012

Set your interval timer to 50/10 and 12 rounds

1) Sandbag Shoulder Lift & Drop (L & R Shoulder)

o Stand over the sandbag, squat down pick it up, stand back up while bringing the sand bag to your shoulder. Repeat for other shoulder

2) 1 Leg Push-up’s/half burpee & jump over the Sandbag

o Do a one leg push up next to your sandbag, half burpee to low squat position, jump over sandbag from low squat position, repeat opposite side

3) 10 High Knees & 10 Mountain Climbers – using Sandbag or Med Ball

o Hold sandbag across chest for high knees then drop sandbag and do high knees while supporting yourself on the bag

4) Tuck Knees & Explosive Star Jump

o Bend over hug knees, and jump up extending legs and arms out from your body at about 45 degrees

Ab Bonus:

Set your interval timer to 50/10 and 3 rounds- do as many reps as you can during the 50 sec work interval while maintaining good form

1) Star Abs – Alternate L & R arms & legs.

o Lay on your back (starfish fashion) and try to touch your left foot with your right hand.. repeat opposite side

2) Left Oblique Plank & Side Drop

o Side plank position, drop left hip to ground and raise back up

3) Right Oblique Plank & side Drop

o Side plank positon, drop right hip to ground and raise back up

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