1st Randori for 3 Judoka! – Adult Judo 7-27-2011

Wow! Some great “firsts” during the Adult Judo Class tonight.

Easily the most significant 1st of the night, is “1st Randori” for Felicia, Justin and Andrew. Impressive work you three! Honest throws and good falls from each of you. Wow! Thanks to Sean, Matt and Leslie for being great training partners for our “greenest” judoka. The’re now “broken in” (but not broken).

Our newest judoka, Leslie is settling in, and her previous judo training is really starting to show. Tonight was Leslie’s 3rd judo class at Checkmate, and her 1st Wednesday night class. Welcome!

Our three beginner judoka learned their 1st ne-waza, and 1st shime-waza: hadaka-jime (rear naked choke.)

All that is in addition to warmup, ukemi, and practice on ogoshi, ouchi-gari and osoto-gari! Pretty busy class!

It’s a pleasure and an honor sharing the mat with such a great group of people!

Sensei Pat

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