Focus to the smallest point possible (Proper direction of force)

In transmitting the maximum amount of force and producing maximum pain, focus plays a vital part. Try to pinpoint pain to the smallest base possible. Transmission of energy to a wide base means that the energy is distributed over a larger area and less energy is directed to the point where the pain should be felt.

Be accurate with the direction of force. All small-circle techniques employ dual action of the wrists, pulling in with the fingers and pushing with the thumbs. Learn to use the extended arm movement in conjunction with this wrist action. With locks such as the bent elbow wrist lock, use the centerline  (from throat to solar plexus) as the target of application.

Proper gripping when executing the technique is also very important. Learn where the fulcrum is and pull in toward your body to keep the opponent in maximum pain.

Jay, Wally. small-circle jujitsu. United States: Ohara Publication, Inc, 2007.

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