Mental Resistance and Distraction

Everyone has the ability to mentally resist pain. Try this with the bent elbow wrist lock applied on you by a partner. As the hold is applied, concentrate on the spot where the pain is felt. Imagine that there is a flywheel spinning at high speed at the spot, going in the opposite direction, which is counterclockwise. Do not use physical resistance, but remain calm and relaxed as you give your total concentration. If you are able to go into deep concentration, you will be surprised to find that you will feel no pain. If however, someone were to slap you on your wrist, causing you to lose your concentration, you will feel immediate pain. This also points up the vital part that the element of distraction play in self-defense.

Distraction of the opponent’s concentration is important when executing a counterattack. During application of a technique when resistance is met, distract your opponent by attacking the weak areas of the body. This leaves him with less power and a split second loss of concentration. An unexpected shout or grunt may also allow you sufficient time to escape or counter. A sternum strike while simultaneously executing a wrist lock hold, for instance, or a kick to the shin while escaping a lapel grab, or a pinch to the inner thigh of someone using a bear hug on you may enable you to gain control of the fight more readily.

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