2014 USMAA Northeast Regional Training Camp

We are pleased to announce that this year we will again have the opportunity and pleasure of hosting the 2014 USMAA Northeast Regional Training Camp on Oct 17th-19th! Pricing is only $75 for the full weekend of training, $25 for Friday only, $50 for Saturday only and $25 for Sunday only.
The USMAA representation on the East Coast is getting stronger each year! The White River Budokan and Checkmate Self Defense are currently working to set the exact schedule for instructors.
Here’s peak at what we have so far:
Hanshi Ron Treem – teaching Ko Tai Shin Ryu, blending the philosophy of Mu-shin, Fudo-Shin and Zan-Shin along with the many arts he has trained over the year to show instinctual movements.
Shihan Todd Labrie – Teaching flow, his teaching style can improve any art you train, do not miss the chance to train with this instructor.
Sensei Robert Chernin – Aikijutsu
Sensei Colin Treem – Goju Ryu Karate-do
Sensei Kevin Fuller – Taekwondo

These were just a few of the instructors and styles to be available at this years camp. We hope that you all can attend and support the USMAA!

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