***USMAA Event Reminder***

This year, Checkmate Martial Arts has the honor of hosting the 2013 USMAA Regional camp which will be sponsored by the USMAA Northeast Division (Ron Treem and Bill Kamataris).

This will be an open martial arts training camp on October 4th-6th. While the exact schedule is not completed at this time, some of the classes that will be offered include: Judo, Jujutsu, Aikido, Paladin Jujutsu and KarateDo. We already have Hanshi Ron Treem, Master Leigh Rossi, Sensei John Herr, Sensei Bill Kamataris and Sensei Colin Treem to name a few. Check back into the event page on facebook for updated details as they are confirmed. All students and instructors are encouraged to attend. The exact hours and fees have yet to be determined so again check back in and we will keep you posted.

We hope to see all current USMAA members in attendance and everyone else who shouldn’t miss such a great opportunity! No experience necessary!

For more information, check out the event page on facebook HERE!

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