10-1-2011 Saturday Morning Adult Judo

Thanks to Sensei Rick Woolverton for another great Saturday adult judo class. We worked a couple combinations starting with an Osoto-Gari or ashi-waza attack, and ending with Uki Waza or a Yoko Wakare variaation right into osaekomi-waza.

We also introduced a nice motion drill, similar to the setup for okuri ashi barai, but ending with hane hane or harai goshi. As a drill, it allows judoka to work a moving overshoot setup in a predicable environment.

Nice sized Saturday class @ 7 judoka, Andrew and Bob were a perfectly matched pair, as were Leslie and Bernadette. Matt Lawton worked hard, and was a good practice partner for me.

Thanks All! Great work today.
Sensei Pat

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