A Day Of Rememberance

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the United States, we should all take some time of out our day to remember all of the innocent lives that were lost and all of the families that have been touched by this tragedy. It is during this time that I not only remember all those lost but the heroic acts of our first responders that died trying to save the lives of others. I am also reminded of the amazing acts of courage and heroism performed by the “normal folks” like you and me who became heroes when the situation called for it. From the stories of people on the street who shielded others with their own bodies to protect them from smoke, ash and debris, to the office workers who performed floor to floor searches for absolute strangers that were trapped in the towers, to the passengers that brought down flight 93 over Pennsylvania. On this day I am humbled by strength and courage of the human spirit! Never forget!!

–Sensei Leigh

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