Shodan Belt Test Saturday re-cap

  Senpai posted a great re-cap of Joes Black belt test this past Saturday.  I will not try to add to his assesmnt of the test! I could not have said it better or as well!  Senpai you truly have a gift.

  I wanted to take a moment to personally thank everyone for the participation in this event!  I am so proud of everyone for their dedication and contribution to this process. 

 Joe, your performance was outstanding! I’m very proud to have you represent Checkmate as a Black Belt.

 A special thank you to Chris Stethem from our youth martial arts program for his participation in the testing process.  Chris actually assisted Joe by defending himself from an attempted abduction at knife point.  Great job Chris!

 Again thank you to everyone!  It is at events like this that I am reminded why I started Checkmate!


Sensei Leigh

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