Holiday Care Package Request List

Letters and Drawings from Children      Envelopes       Baby Powder    Compact Tampons    Pocket Knives    Bar Soap    Shaving Gel    3 Blade Razors     Shampoo to include Head and Shoulders     Fly Tape    Headphones with Mics for Internet Chat      Q-Tips     PS2 or Xbox Games       White Tube Socks      Web Cams        AAA and AA Batteries        Playing Cards            Writing Materials-Pens/Notebooks      Handcrafted Ornaments from Kids    Beanie Babies    Puzzles-Sodoku/Crossword    Goldfish    Hard Candy    Powdered Gatorade      Ramen Noodles     Ritz Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers    Monster Energy Drinks    Cheese Whiz-Jalepeno and Regular    Chicken in a Biscuit Crackers    Cheese and Crackers   Mints    Tasty Cakes    Freeze Pops     Mac and Cheese-Easy Mac     Acoustic Guitars

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