Busy Day at Checkmate! 8-21-2010 Highlights

It was quite and eventful day during the Dave Castoldi Jujitsu Seminar today.

Master Leigh, Sempai Steve and Sensei Nate all received Award certificates. Master Leigh received his 5th degree, godan, Small Circle Jujitsu black belt certificate signed by Wally Jay. Steve and Nate received a rank certificate from Professor Castoldi.

Sempai Steve was promoted to 2nd degree black belt (nidan) by Master Leigh.

Maria was promoted to sankyu Brown Belt. (and was thrown forcefully by five black belts… Lucky Maria!)

Oh yes, there was excellent jujitsu demonstrated and practiced (with great enthusiasm) by all in attendance. The calls of “Mattee! Break! Break!” were frequent an loud. (but no jujistuka was injured…)

Here are some quick highlights:

Click any image below to start browsing. And then the little >> thing to advance the slide-show.

Pat (as dojo image king)

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