Sensei Leigh Receives 5th Degree Black Belt

Prof. Dave Castoldi promoted Sensei Leigh Rossi to 5th degree black belt during the Jujitsu Clinic on Nov 7th, 2009. Congratulations Sensei Leigh!

Leigh Rossi is now ranked 5th dan in Castoldi Street Jujitsu, Small Circle Jujitsu and with Jujitsu America, in addition to his other honors. As a 5th dan black belt, Sensei Leigh’s formal title is now “Master Leigh Rossi”. Of course, he is still our teacher so the the honorary “sensei” continues to be correct, and is how he wishes to be addressed by the students within our dojo.

Check out the photos of Professor Castoldi presenting Sensei Leigh his godan, and group photos from the clinic.

Pat (as dojo image king)

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