Ten Principles of Small Circle Jujitsu

The following principles form the basis of Professor Wally Jays Small Circle Jujitsu and an important part of Sensei Leigh’s style. During this weeks class we focused on transitional flow and rotational momentum. Continue to refer back to these ten principles and understand how we apply them.

  1. Balance
  2. Mobility and Stability
  3. Avoid the Head On Collision of Forces
  4. Mental Resistance and Distraction
  5. Focus to the Smallest Point Possible
  6. Energy Transfer
  7. Create a Base
  8. Sticking Control and Sensitivity
  9. Rotational Momentum
  10. Transitional Flow
    1. Exert Continual Pain During Transitions
    2. Create Maximum Pain Without Dislocating Joint
    3. Mobility During Transition Rather than Stability

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